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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihika tells Aaliya that her stories can’t be true, she knows her planning. Mihika doesn’t believe her. Simmi tells Mihika that Aaliya is just following Ishita’s orders to stop the marriage. Aaliya asks Mihika to believe her once. Simmi shoos her away. Ishita reaches home to stop the baraat. She wants Raman to know Parmeet’s truth. She searches for Raman. Parmeet welcomes her and tells her that Raman has already left with his baraat. He then ties up Ishita to limit her from reaching Raman. He kidnaps Ishita. He tells her that he will not let her plans succeed. He wants to leave her free once Raman and Mihika get married.


    Veer frames Shivay in Anika’s murder case. The family stands by Shivay. They don’t believe that Shivay can commit his wife’s murder. They defend Shivay in front of the media. They ask the media not to accuse Shivay on the basis of any fake video. Veer gets happy that he has countered his enemies well. He wants to send Shivay to jail. He calls the police home. Media also asks for justice. Police arrests Shivay. The family tries hard to stop the arrest. They want Shivay to defend himself. Shivay feels guilty and accepts the crime of killing Anika.


    Kartik and Naira romance at the dhaba. They enjoy the surprising rain. Kartik arranges a bonfire for their comfort. Naira asks him for her valentines gift. Kartik promises to surprise her. The families worry for Kartik and Naira’s annoyance. They expect KaiRa to be celebrating valentines. Dadi worries for Kartik. She gets Kirti’s call. She asks Kirti not to let any matter come between Naksh and her. Dadi feels something wrong is going to happen. Kartik and Naira continue their cute conversation in their intoxicated state. Dadi’s premonition turns out to be true. The dhaba catches fire.


    Avni erases her identity to begin her new life. She gets rid of all her memories. She does her own Shraddh ritual. She wants to get away from her loves ones for their betterment. Avni misses Neil. She thinks of trapping Vidyut in his own plan. She realizes how she has got saved from the fire by her smart planning. She doesn’t want Vidyut to ruin Neil and his family. Avni took a big risk, and secured herself and Mishti. She believes she is really a big curse for her family. She wants to see Neil and his family happy. She feels sorry to fake her death and hurt her family’s sentiments.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sher Singh lies to the family and blames Satrupa for the fire incident. Anami hates Satrupa for killing her foster parents. She gets enraged when Satrupa’s crime gets proved by her loyal man. Baldev shows his trust in Satrupa. He tells them that Sher Singh may be lying, else he would have not run away. Sher Singh hides the fact that Sudha has compelled him to lie to them. Satrupa asks Anami to believe her, she can never command her servant to kill her parents. Anami doesn’t feel like falling in her words again. Adhiraj asks Anami to let him interrogate the matter well, so that he can bring out the truth. He takes some time to reveal the truth.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay rescues Yashpal. They try to save the other family members. Everyone helps out each other and save their lives. Durga prays for her family. Aarti’s dad asks Aarti to focus on her race and not think of Durga. He promises to knock down Durga if she tries to defeat his daughter. Durga feels troubled to run in the race by risking her family’s life. She gains courage from her family’s aspirations. Sanjay saves Rana Sir in time. Durga learns her family got saved. Yashpal reaches the stadium and boosts Durga’s confidence. He asks Durga to run and win the race to clean the stain on their name. The villagers wish all the best to Durga. Aarti threatens Durga.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Maasi and Aditya trap Uma, Kanak and Rani. Maasi wants to kill them. Vansh and Ved worry for Kanak. They don’t know if Kanak and Uma got Paulmi or not. Maasi tells Uma that his eternal love story will end. Kanak feels suffocated. Rani asks Kanak why did they not run away with Paulmi. Kanak doesn’t want to leave Rani in danger. They struggle for their lives, while Paulmi goes for the plastic surgery. Uma tells Kanak that they will try till they have courage and strength left. Maasi is sure that Uma and Kanak won’t get saved now. She laughs on their kiddish plan to expose her. Uma succeeds to free himself. He then rescues Kanak and Rani, who faint by loss of breath. Uma too finds hard to breath in the scarce oxygen.


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