Naamkarann to have big changes post leap

Avni in Naamkarann

There will be a leap in the show. Avni will be seen in a new look. Imli and Sunehri turn into good friends. They live in some other city. Avni misses Neil. She has Neil’s memories with her. Mishti and other kids cheer up Avni. Avni takes a new identity. She teaches some kids and wants to shape their lives. Neil spots Avni. He runs to save her life from an accident. Neil then realizes his mistake when he sees some other woman. The woman tells him that she is an actress, and this was part of their shooting.

Neil apologizes to the woman. Neil wants Avni to come back in his life. Avni makes a small world for herself. Sunehri finds her upset and encourages her. Avni smiles when the children gift her flowers. Avni knows she can’t return to Neil even if she wants to. Neil and Avni’s separation will be seen. Avni is not aware that Neil’s life has stopped since she left him. She gets sorrowful thinking about Neil. Neil and Avni will come face-to-face after the leap.


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