Naitik and Dadi to have a row in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira spend time at a dhaba and celebrate their first valentines, post marriage with much love. Kartik regrets to not get any gift for her. He tells Naira that he will just get a gift for her and return in some time. Kartik and Naira’s romance goes on. Kartik doesn’t see the fire spreading. Kartik wants to run faster and come back so that he can see a smile on Naira’s face. He then sees the fire and asks Naira to see it. Naira laughs seeing the fire. She tells him that its haven fire, and when he returns, they will get remarried by taking rounds. Kartik asks her if she is sure. She sends him away. Kartik leaves Naira at the place.

Naira gets drunk and arrives Singhania Sadan. Naitik and Naksh get her home from the Dhaba. The family worries seeing her in a drunken state. Naira happily runs around and hugs everyone. They ask Naira if she is fine. Kartik too reaches home in drunken state. He keeps missing Naira. The family gets worried for him. Dadi gets angry that Naira has hurt Kartik’s feelings. Kartik wants to go and get Naira home. Manish makes him rest.

Dadi says Kartik loves Naira a lot, and she takes advantage of it. She pities Kartik. She says Naira didn’t even call Kartik to inform them, she just claims to love Kartik. Dadi wants to scold Naira when she comes home.

Naira and Kartik don’t remember anything that happened at the dhaba. Naitik is angry on Kartik for being careless, while Dadi is angry on Naira for not respecting Kartik’s feelings. Naitik and Dadi will be having a big row over KaiRa’s relation. The misunderstandings between KaiRa will take a toll on the families bonding.


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