Naren’s surprise for Pooja in Piyaa Albela

Pooja tries to find Naren

Naren keeps his lover boy image. He gets baraat for his wife. He makes a heroic entry. He gets two palanquins for Pooja and Chandrika. He wants to take them home with all the honor they deserve. He has realized his mistake. He reaches Pooja and dances on dhol beats. He asks Pooja to come home with him. Pooja gets surprised seeing the big change in him. Naren doesn’t get the media along. Pooja thinks Naren has come alone and didn’t do this to pretend in front of everyone. She is sure that Naren is playing some game again. She wants to become part of his game to know his plan.

Naren comes with a good heart. He talks to Chandrika and Pooja with respect. Chandrika happily agrees to go with her son. Pooja finds it suspicious. Naren takes them home. Pooja arrives in Vyas mansion in a palanquin.

The family gets surprised when Naren gets Chandrika and Pooja back. Dada ji finds Naren’s decision right. He blesses Naren. Harish turns angry on Naren. There happens much melodrama again. Naren sticks to his decision. He tells Harish that he has accepted Pooja, he wants to give a chance to Pooja, he will try to understand her. He wants to keep away his suspicions and know about Pooja’s intentions. Pooja is happy that Naren accepted Chandrika with respect. Naren’s shocking behavior change stuns all.