Ratan’s lie to hurt Diya’s feelings in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan and Diya are gradually accepting their new relation. They have come on honeymoon. Ratan gets sick by weather change. Diya asks Ratan what happened to him. Ratan tells her that he has much headache, its troubling a lot. She asks him if she can relief his headache. He says its okay, its allergy pain, it won’t get fine by any balm or head massage. She cares for Ratan. She tells him that she will go and get his painkiller. Ratan stops her from struggling to find medicines for him. He asks her to better enjoy the tour.

Diya helps him with the necessary things. She tells him that she has to take care of him first, she didn’t come on trip to enjoy. She still acts as his savior. Their honeymoon will bring many twists. Diya learns Ratan has lied to her. She gets angry with him. She gets hurt by his lie. They have an argument around their age difference. Diya confronts him for lying to her. She asks him did he lie to send her away, is he avoiding her.

Ratan tries to explain her, that he doesn’t want to go out with her, as people will laugh seeing their age gap. Diya asks him to think maturely and get over the people’s opinion.

Later, Diya overhears Abhay conspiring against Ratan. Diya angrily beats up Abhay. She threatens to kill him. She asks him what’s his plan. She scolds him for defaming Abhay. She takes the video clip chip from his camera. She destroys the chip. She asks Abhay how can he spy on them. Abhay escapes without giving any answer.


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