Uma and Kanak’s master stroke to end Maasi’s game in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Maasi and Aditya trap Uma, Kanak and Rani. Maasi wants to kill them. Vansh and Ved worry for Kanak. They don’t know if Kanak and Uma got Paulmi or not. Maasi tells Uma that his eternal love story will end. Kanak feels suffocated. Rani asks Kanak why did they not run away with Paulmi. Kanak doesn’t want to leave Rani in danger. They struggle for their lives, while Paulmi goes for the plastic surgery. Uma tells Kanak that they will try till they have courage and strength left. Maasi is sure that Uma and Kanak won’t get saved now. She laughs on their kiddish plan to expose her. Uma succeeds to free himself. He then rescues Kanak and Rani, who faint by loss of breath. Uma too finds hard to breath in the scarce oxygen.

Paulmi gets a new face. Maasi and Aditya get happy that Paulmi’s identity is destroyed. They end all the chances for Uma to prove his innocence. The family waits for Uma and Kanak’s return. They don’t want Ved to fall in trouble for helping Uma by going against the law.

Police takes action against Ved. They arrest Ved for making Uma flee. The family worries for Ved. Vansh takes the blame on himself to save Ved’s career. He tells police that he has helped Uma and made him escape to Bangkok. He asks Ved to stay back and help Kanak, who needs him.

Uma, Kanak and Rani save themselves and land at the award ceremony, where Maasi is going to get felicitated. Uma doesn’t give up easily. Uma and Kanak conspire a plan against Maasi to expose her right in front of her business circle. Maasi gets awarded for her pharmaceutical company. Maasi gives a speech on stage and takes all the credit for Uma’s hardwork. Kanak plans to make Maasi confess her crimes. Kanak performs in the function and spikes Aditya’s drink. Kanak poisons Aditya to give a bolt to Maasi. Maasi turns helpless when she fails to cure her son. She begs Uma to save Aditya’s life. Kanak keeps a condition in front of Maasi. Kanak asks Maasi to accept her crimes if she wants to see her son alive.


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