Anushka plans to humiliate Rantej in Laado 2


Anushka forms a girls gang. She has vowed that she will teach a lesson to every man of Veerpur. She targets Rantej first. Rantej is her biggest enemy. Anushka makes her friend trap Rantej in their plan. The girls gang get Rantej to some hideout. They arrange medical aid as well. Anushka gets unconscious Rantej to a doctor. The doctor tells Anushka that he has treated many such animals, but the operation will be permanent. Anushka doesn’t want Rantej’s state to change.

Anushka tells the doctor how much crimes Rantej committed, how he has ruined lives of many girls. She expresses her sorrow. She wants to get justice for Jhanvi and other girls, who were killed by Rantej. She wants Rantej and his brothers to get punished. She says Rantej shouldn’t be a man enough that he does any crime again, if such criminals don’t think before ruining someone’s life, why should we think so much. She asks doctor to begin the operation. Rantej undergoes an operation and loses his manhood.

She is sure Rantej’s confidence and ego will get down. She feels Rantej may not disclose about the operation with anyone to avoid people from laughing on him. She wants Rantej to suffer. She sees Jhanvi’s soul and tells her that she didn’t had any other option than doing this, she wanted to fight for right, her intention is right behind this move. Anushka passes a social message to all the villagers. She punishes Rantej, who was not getting punished by the law. She has settled scores with Rantej.


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