A clear view on Shivika’s deadly plan in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tests Anika by asking her to make Anika’s favorite dish. Anika passes his test by making Aloo puri. Shivay gets thinking how she has figured out Anika’s choices. He then tests her by calling Sahil home. She asks him to meet Sahil. He calls Sahil and his friends. He asks Anika to run to Sahil and hug him. Anika passes his second test too. She hugs Sahil, which shocks Shivay further. Veer wonders how did this happen. He asks Shivay to plan any tough test for her. Anika asks Sahil to have his favorite dish. Shivay finds another way to know the truth.

He tells Veer that they will take a finger print test and then they won’t need anything else. He tries to get Anika’s fingerprint sample. Anika wishes Shivay accepts her again. He romances her to trick her for the test. He tells her that she just has two hours to speak out the truth, else he will expose her. He refuses to accept her as Anika. Shivay tells his plan to Veer. They wait for the test results.

Khanna gets the reports. Shivay wants to check it soon and prove her wrong. They have a shocking moment when fingerprints also match. Veer tells Shivay that this lady is really Anika. Anika asks Shivay not to test her further. Shivay tells her that she is not convinced. He finds Anika clever. Veer believes Anika has come back. Shivay maintains that he will find Anika by digging-checking her grave. He wants to prove she is a liar and taking advantage of his crime.

Veer asks Shivay to go ahead and prove his doubt true. Shivay reaches Anika’s grave at night. He finds her body inside. Veer gets relieved that Anika is really dead. He gets sure that the lady is lying to them. Shivay wants to know who’s that lady and what are her motives. He asks Veer to help him. He asks Veer to get details of that lady. He tries to send Veer away. Veer refuses to leave without sealing the grave.

Shivay worries for Anika, who is acting dead. Anika gets out of breath. Veer shuts the coffin back and covers up the soil. Shivay finds it painful to see such a sight. Veer asks Shivay to hurry up and seal the grave. He doesn’t want to leave any clue. Veer goes to meet the police to get details of the imposter. Shivay then cries out for Anika and digs back the grave to get Anika out. Omkara and Rudra too support Shivay in such a painful time. They get Anika out of the coffin and rescue her. Shivay finds her unconscious. He asks Anika to open her eyes and stop acting, since Veer left. Shivika’s plan gets known.


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