High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil attends Vedika’s mehendi. He cries out his sorrow, singing Channa mereya for her. Vedika knows Sahil’s feelings. She gets sad seeing him cry. He can’t bear Gautam’s name in her mehendi. Sahil is determined to get Vedika. He wants to keep trying and stop the marriage. He tries hard to spoil the mehendi. He wants to know Gautam’s truth. He feels Gautam is not a right guy for Vedika. Sahil will expose Gautam before marriage. He will be marrying Vedika.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren apologizes to Pooja. He tells her that he is really sorry from the bottom of his heart. Naren and Pooja set their room like before. He helps her in unpacking her bags. They have a moment. Naren gets on his knees and feels sorry for his hatred. He wins Pooja’s forgiveness. He punishes himself by getting blindfold. Pooja can’t believe Naren’s love. They decorate the room together. She still doubts on him. She was waiting for this phase. She is not satisfied. She wants to know how Naren changed so much. Naren is ready to go to any extreme to make her belief that he is not cheating her, its really true. He makes Pooja feed Supriya.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki teaches computer usage to some people at training centre. She forgets few things. Babbu keeps an eye on her. She gets training to become Mukhiya. She helps others too. She shares her knowledge. She sees Babbu and tells them that Babbu is her shy husband, he is staying outside for her. She thinks he is supporting her dreams. Babbu wants to snatch her Mukhiya seat.

Imli goes for her campaign. She makes false promises to the people. The villagers throw tomatoes at her. Imli stays in her cool avatar and makes a vote appeal. She sees Chakor’s campaign happening at the same place. She asks Chakor why is she campaigning there. She wants Chakor to get away. Chakor tells Imli that she didn’t own the place. They both argue. Suraj steals a glance to romance Chakor. Chakor avoids him. Suraj asks Imli to see Chakor’s misbehavior, he will not leave Chakor once the elections get over. He says I will make sure Chakor doesn’t come in your way. He finds an excuse to meet Chakor.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Holi celebrations will be seen. Vijay wants to make Bulbul’s holi special. Its her first holi after marriage. Vijay and Bulbul celebrate holi with Mandira and Anant. Vijay loses balance and falls in dirty mud. Bulbul laughs on him. Vijay drinks bhaang. He loses senses. Bulbul worries for his strange behavior. She asks him to come out of the mud before anyone sees her. Vijay doesn’t care for anyone. He asks her to let him be there. Mandira wants to snatch Vijay. She will be playing another game. Bulbul worries for Mandira’s challenge. She stays alert to know what is Mandira planning to get Vijay.


After Avni’s death, Neil quits his police service. He leaves his job, being fed up of his life. He doesn’t want to catch any criminal. He feels guilty that he lost Avni because of his police duty. He becomes a RJ and talks to the people on radio once the city sleeps. He tells the people that lovers are brought together by fate. He recalls Avni. He reveals Avni and his love story on the radio program. He has accepted that Avni is no more. He stays in his own world. He stays sleepless and passes time speaking to listeners all night. He entertains the listeners by his love story. He acts happy in front of the family, but holds much sorrow within. He expresses his sorrow on the radio. Neil and Avni will bond over the radio program.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan gets carried away and fills vermilion in Diya’s hairline, which surprises her. She doesn’t understand his confused feelings. She feels Ratan sometimes avoid her and sometimes bonds with her. Ratan asks her to get ready, they have to go and have breakfast. She asks him to wait for her at the reception. He makes a city tour plan. Diya goes alone. Ratan takes Diya out. He serves breakfast to her with love. He wants to give happiness to Diya in order to keep his promise to his late father.


Shivay has shot Anika and buried her, on Veer’s orders. Shivay misses out Anika. He cries for taking his love’s life. Anika will be returning with a new identity, that of a village girl. Anika’s murder mystery will be going on. Anika’s new avatar will be seen. There will be fun moments between Shivika.


Harak challenges Soumya to prove her love for Harman. He gets angry on her and asks her why is she hesitating to do the rituals. He asks if she didn’t think of Harman when she has done bad deeds. She says if you really love Harman, you have to bear this burden and complete the rituals. Soumya takes the task of completing the rituals. Raavi creates a big drama. Raavi tells Preeto that Soumya was sleeping in the room, while Guru ji asked her not to fall asleep till her prayers are completed.


Naira meets Dadi’s elder sister, Mausi Dadi. She serves her golgappas. Dadi and the family worries seeing Naira with Mausi. Naira becomes Mausi’s friend. Mausi is modern minded, unlike Dadi. She praises Naira. She says I didn’t get such tasty golgappas in US. Naira asks her to relish the taste as much as she wants. Naira welcomes Mausi with the golgappa party. The family welcomes Mausi. Kartik gets happy that Naira has won Mausi’s heart. Naira’s gesture surprises the family. Mausi will be fixing Kartik and Naira’s relation. She will be bringing relations closer.


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