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YRKKH: Naksh and Naitik save Naira from the fire. They learn that Kartik has left Naira at the dhaba. They misunderstand Kartik. Naksh gets upset and wants to confront Kartik. Naira is not in senses. She tells them that Kartik has gone to his house. They decide to take her home as she is not in her senses. Naira comes home and creates fun moments to wish everyone on valentines. The family worries for her drunken state. Goenkas worry for Kartik. They learn someone has got Kartik home. The men drop Kartik safely. Goenkas see Kartik’s drunken state. They blame Naira for hurting Kartik’s feelings. Kartik tells them that he has come to take gift for Naira. Dadi thanks the men for getting Kartik safely.

Meri Durga:

Durga risks her life and runs to win the race. Yashpal learns about the evil planning of Aarti’s dad. He runs to stop Durga from winning the race. He doesn’t want her to win at the cost of her life. He gets mad to rush to her. He worries for his daughter’s life. Aarti’s dad threatens him further and reveals the needle secret. Durga leaves behind all the fears and runs ahead to win the race. She creates a new record. She gets injected by the poisonous needle. Yashpal worries for her and tells the family that Durga’s life is in danger.


Shivay tests Anika by asking her to make Anika’s favorite dish. Anika passes his test by making Aloo puri. Shivay gets thinking how she has figured out Anika’s choices. He then tests her by calling Sahil home. She asks him to meet Sahil. He calls Sahil and his friends. He asks Anika to run to Sahil and hug him. Anika passes his second test too. She hugs Sahil, which shocks Shivay further. Veer wonders how did this happen. He asks Shivay to plan any tough test for her. Anika asks Sahil to have his favorite dish. Shivay finds another way to know the truth.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj reveals about Satrupa’s innocence. He tells Anami that Sudha is the mastermind behind the fire incident. Anami feels sad to speak to Satrupa rudely. She regrets to misunderstand Satrupa. Dadi and Adhiraj console Anami. Sudha plans to send away Satrupa from Lal Mahal so that she can step in Baldev’s life. She tells Narottam that this is a big victory for him, he will become the heir and will fulfill their dream. She wants Narottam to get all his rights. Narottam tells her that Sher Singh can tell truth to police. She tells him how she has captured Sher Singh’s family and blackmailed him into giving wrong statement against Satrupa. Narottam gets disheartened.


Vidyut gets troubled by Avni’s spirit. He prays to get saved from Avni. Avni continues to threaten him. Vidyut wants someone to save him. He then sees Neil. He stops Neil and falls in his feet. Neil wishes to kill Vidyut. Before Neil could express his hatred, Vidyut begs him to punish him for his crime. He wants to land behind bars so that he gets saved from Avni’s spirit. He tells Neil that Avni just loved him and refused for marriage. Neil tells Vidyut that he will go jail for years now and he has to repent for his mistake. Neil arrests Vidyut.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman refuses for the marriage on Pihu’s saying. He doesn’t want to break her heart. Pihu reveals to Adi and Ruhi that she has convinced Raman. They praise Pihu for fulfilling a tough task. Shagun and Aaliya come home to find Ishita. Ishita gets free till then and escapes by fooling the money lender. Shagun learns Ishita was kept captive. She worries for Ishita. Mihika tells Simmi that she believes Raman will keep her happy forever. She tells Simmi that she is looking for a new beginning. Raman feels guilty to refuse to her. He thinks to talk to Simmi first. Ishita leaves for the marriage venue. Raman fails to tell his decision to Mihika. The children wait for Raman to tell his decision.


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