Neil to don a cool RJ avatar in Naamkarann


After Avni’s death, Neil quits his police service. He leaves his job, being fed up of his life. He doesn’t want to catch any criminal. He feels guilty that he lost Avni because of his police duty. He becomes a RJ and talks to the people on radio once the city sleeps. He tells the people that lovers are brought together by fate. He recalls Avni. He reveals Avni and his love story on the radio program. He has accepted that Avni is no more. He stays in his own world. He stays sleepless and passes time speaking to listeners all night. He entertains the listeners by his love story. He acts happy in front of the family, but holds much sorrow within. He expresses his sorrow on the radio. Neil and Avni will bond over the radio program.

Neil and Avni meet. Neil can’t forget her. Avni is seen in his memories. Neil races the bike. Neil finds Avni supporting her. Bikers challenge Neil for a stunt. Neil rides rough. He wants to win the race at any cost. Neil imagines Avni with him. Avni asks Neil to stop and not risk his life. He smiles seeing her. He realizes Avni will come to stop him if he risks his life again. He wants to go for more challenging stunts with a hope that Avni will come back. He tells Avni that he has tied her mangalsutra to his wrist, and he feels she is always with him. He doesn’t care for his life. Meanwhile, Avni runs an orphanage. She raises the kids and looks after their welfare. She teaches the kids and takes care of their overall growth. She does everything for them. She accepts her fate. She misses Neil and wants to live by hiding her identity so that she can secure Neil. The ten year leap will add interesting twists to Neil and Avni’s love story.


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