Raman’s dilemma weakens his decision in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Raman refuses for the marriage on Pihu’s saying. He doesn’t want to break her heart. Pihu reveals to Adi and Ruhi that she has convinced Raman. They praise Pihu for fulfilling a tough task. Shagun and Aaliya come home to find Ishita. Ishita gets free till then and escapes by fooling the money lender. Shagun learns Ishita was kept captive. She worries for Ishita. Mihika tells Simmi that she believes Raman will keep her happy forever. She tells Simmi that she is looking for a new beginning. Raman feels guilty to refuse to her. He thinks to talk to Simmi first. Ishita leaves for the marriage venue. Raman fails to tell his decision to Mihika. The children wait for Raman to tell his decision.

Raman loses courage. He comes for the wedding, shocking his children. Pihu turns upset with Raman. Raman explains her that he can’t back out now, as it would be injustice with Mihika. Iyers get worried seeing the marriage rituals beginning.

Shagun comes back at the venue and tells them that Ishita is missing. Raman doesn’t care for it. He asks Shagun no to create troubles for him. Simmi asks Shagun to go and file missing report. Parmeet kidnaps Ishita again. He assures Simmi that Ishita won’t reach Raman at any cost. Simmi gains confidence by his plan. She tells everyone that Ishita has gone missing to play a new drama to stop this marriage. She asks Shagun not to hurt their sentiments. She asks Raman to stop believing Shagun. She influences Raman. She asks Raman to make Shagun leave.

Raman asks Shagun not to spoil their happiness. Shagun fails to convince him. Raman sits in the altar. The marriage rituals begin. Simmi goes to get Mihika. Parmeet meets Ishita again and informs her about Raman and Mihika’s marriage happening. He doesn’t want Ishita to interrupt the marriage. Shagun asks the children to find out Ishita. They fear that Parmeet has kidnapped Ishita. They try to find Ishita everywhere. Mihika learns Ishita is missing. She doesn’t care for her. She wants to go ahead with the marriage. She tells Iyers that Ishita has hurt her sentiments and now she won’t listen to anyone. Simmi asks Mihika to come to the altar.


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