Suraj gets compelled to shoot Chakor in Udaan


Imli goes for her campaign. She makes false promises to the people. The villagers throw tomatoes at her. Imli stays in her cool avatar and makes a vote appeal. She sees Chakor’s campaign happening at the same place. She asks Chakor why is she campaigning there. She wants Chakor to get away. Chakor tells Imli that she didn’t own the place. They both argue. Suraj steals a glance to romance Chakor. Chakor avoids him. Suraj asks Imli to see Chakor’s misbehavior, he will not leave Chakor once the elections get over. He says I will make sure Chakor doesn’t come in your way. He finds an excuse to meet Chakor.

Imli and Ranvijay take a new test. They ask Suraj to shoot down Chakor. Imli tells Suraj that Chakor is becoming a big hurdle for her. She gives him a pistol and asks him to end her enemy. Imli has made this plan after getting influenced by Ranvijay. She asks Suraj to prove his loyalty. He says Chakor is irritating me, I can’t tolerate her further. Ranvijay asks Suraj to fulfill Imli’s command without making any excuse. He tells him Chakor’s location.

She sends Suraj to kill Chakor. Suraj meets Chakor and points the pistol at her. Chakor asks him did he go mad. Suraj tells her that no one can save her today. He sees Imli and Ranvijay watching them. Chakor asks Suraj not to joke, she can lose her life. Suraj tells her that he will punish her for killing his dad. He does a drama. He then gets glad that the pistol doesn’t have any bullets. He is in dilemma to convince Imli of his loyalty. Chakor asks Suraj not to test her patience. Imli has blind faith on Suraj. Suraj gives a sign to Chakor about Imli’s pressurizing. Chakor gets saved, while Suraj wins the task. Chakor manages to escape from there. Ranvijay regrets his failure in exposing Suraj.

Later on, Ranvijay finds Chakor with Manju. He catches them and scolds Manju for spying on him on Chakor’s behest. He slaps Manju angrily. He asks Chakor how dare she send a spy in his haveli. Chakor asks Manju to run away. She doesn’t want Manju to fall in trouble. Ranvijay says Manju doesn’t know, whoever cheats gets death punishment. Chakor says you have to kill me first, you can’t shoot Manju. Suraj stops Ranvijay and fights with him. He says Imli will kill you if you kill Chakor.

Chakor and Manju run away. Imli finds Suraj and Ranvijay fighting. She scolds Ranvijay for romancing with Manju. She tells him that she has seen him with Manju, and now she will not spare him. Suraj takes advantage of their fight and escapes. Ranvijay asks Imli to understand Chakor and Suraj’s plotting. Imli tells him that she has sent Suraj to stop his madness. Ranvijay gets angry and shouting to defend himself.


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