Destiny brings AvNeil together post ten years leap in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil have different avatars. Their lives have a complete change. Avni raises the orphans and wants to love them, so that no trouble affects them. Neil has left his duty and works as a RJ. He misses Avni. He chooses a career as a singer as well. Avni knows the pain of not having a family. She doesn’t want the children to go through the same pain. Neil feels his life is incomplete without Avni’s love. He reaches the orphanage and misses to see Avni. He comes there to shoot a romantic song. He finds the location perfect for shoot. Avni lives ahead without her own identity. Neil and Avni will have a hit and miss. Avni spots Neil at the door and hides from him.

Avni dedicates her life towards the kids at orphanage. She takes Nilanjana’s identity and rechristens herself once again. She wants to shape the kids’ future. She becomes their mum, friend and companion. She doesn’t let the kids sleep hungry.

She wants them to have food. The kids refuse to have food for some reason. They learn Avni is struggling to arrange finances. They make excuses to avoid food. Avni realizes their issues and tells them that she knows the reason why they are not hungry. She goes out to get some snacks for them. She enjoys her new life with the children. Avni secures Neil by staying away. Their destiny will bring them face to face.


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