JD plots to ensure Pankti’s return in Tu Aashiqui


JD plays a new move to catch Pankti. He meets Anita and reveals his plan, which gives her goosebumps. Anita asks him does he not have any other plan. JD tells her that Pankti’s good heart will make her return. He cuts Anita’s wrist and tells her that Pankti will run back to see her mum, knowing her mum has committed suicide. Anita gets scared of JD. He uses her as bait to trap Pankti. Ahaan gets the news of Anita’s suicide attempt. He reveals it to Pankti. Pankti and Ahaan come home and find Anita in a distressed state. Pankti didn’t wish to fall in JD’s trap. She didn’t know he will target her mum. JD does this so that he doesn’t need to chase Pankti again.

Doctor tells Pankti that anything could have happened to Anita. He asks her to take care of her mum. Anita does a drama of being a repenting mother. She asks Pankti why did she come back to this hell. She asks Ahaan to take Pankti back, as they know she is not a good mother. She tells them that this time she doesn’t want to make Pankti’s life hell. Pankti asks her to stop talking and take rest. She assures JD can’t do anything. Ahaan and Pankti don’t know the reason behind Anita’s suicide drama. Pankti decides to stay back with Anita and look after her.



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