Naamkarann: Avni rechristens herself to Neilanjana


Avni takes a new identity and names herself Neilanjana/Nilanjana, which means Neil’s memory. She asks the kids to study well, respect elders and love each other. She wants them to behave well. She takes care of the kids at the orphanage. Avni wants to make their lives better. Avni gets angry when some kids misbehave with a lady. She scolds them for not keeping her teachings in mind. They apologize to her. She tells Sunehri that they can get ousted from the house any time, she has to find some place for them. Sunehri encourages her. She asks her to lead life by fighting with problems. The kids cheer up Avni/Neilanjana.

Avni tells Sunehri that she has Neil even in her name, she didn’t change and still loves Neil. Sunehri asks her why doesn’t she think of Neil before taking his step. Avni rechristens herself to live for the children, who are illegitimate like her. She wants them not to beg anyone for a name. She wants to make them independent and self sufficient. She misses Neil and celebrates his birthday.

Neil gets to see some bikers at the bridge. He gets a challenge. He accepts the dangerous challenge with a hope that Avni will come to his rescue. Neil turns into a biker. He speeds up the bike. He finds Avni with him. Avni asks him to stop and not risk his life. Neil gets happy that his move has really got Avni in front of his life. Neil then gets upset when Avni disappears. Avni takes the kids to give them a pizza treat. She brings a smile on their faces. Neil gets back to his radio program. He speaks more about Avni and his love story. An actor becomes fan of Neil. He wants to meet Neil. He gets all the information about Neil. He hires Neil as his bodyguard. Avni learns about RJ Neil. She gets to listen to Neil’s voice on the radio.


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