More of Naren-Pooja’s surprising romance in Piyaa Albela

Pooja tries to find Naren

Naren and Pooja meet her Maayka after a long time. Pooja’s aunt has ended ties with her. Naren wanted Pooja to win her family’s love. Naren talks to her aunt and surprises Pooja. She gets a warm welcome home. She likes Naren’s surprise. He puts efforts to bring a smile on Pooja’s face. Pooja gets her relations back. She wants Anuj to end his annoyance. Anuj hates Naren. He avoids Naren and leaves for some work. Naren gives roses to Pooja. He sings a romantic song for her.

Naren’s Tum se hi… version brings a smile on her face. Pooja gets too happy to get his love again. Pooja too sings out her love feelings for Naren. Pooja’s family plays Antakshari in passing the parcel game. Harish also sings for Pooja and Naren. He is happy seeing Pooja’s happiness. Pooja gets much love from her aunt, which she didn’t expect. Naren plans to recreate Pooja’s childhood memories. Naren tells Pooja that they will visit her uncle’s house after his election rally. He asks her to have hopes, Anuj will change his perception towards them. Naren and Pooja’s romance will be seen.


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