A new conspiracy against Sanjay-Durga in Meri Durga


Yashpal tells everyone that Durga was innocent even in the last nationals she won. He gets Durga’s blood sample tested to prove that she didn’t take any drugs to boost her strength. Durga’s innocence gets proved by the medical reports. Everyone praises Durga. Durga tells everyone that Yashpal and Rana Sir are the two people who have shaped her life into a winner. She then gives the credit to Gayatri, who has trained her like a mother, who made her face tough problems in her life. She then thanks Sanjay for his immense love and support. She believes her family is her biggest strength, and they are the one who ensured her victory.

Durga’s dreams gets fulfilled. Aarti gets angry that Durga won again. She gets regretting and feels like a loser. She asks her dad to do something against Durga, who has snatched even Sanjay from her. She doesn’t want to tolerate her defeat. She scolds her dad for not securing her victory. Rana Sir feels proud to train Durga. He blesses Durga. He wants Durga to prosper more.

Sanjay plans a romantic date for Durga. He wants to honor her. Sanjay wants to make her day special. He tells her about his date plans. He sends her to go and get ready quickly. Sanjay and Durga spend some romantic time together. He confesses love to her once again. Durga tells him that she knows his feelings well. They do a puja together. Sanjay treats her with much love and care. He fulfills the tough rituals and proves his love once again. She learns Sanjay had kept a fast and prayed for her victory. She thanks Sanjay for loving her so much. He asks her not to get emotional and love him in return. She wishes no one separates them now. Aarti’s dad conspires against them. Sanjay is ready to face any problems. Aarti’s dad targets Sanjay and his family. How will Sanjay and Durga handle the upcoming problem? Keep reading.


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