Veer to get Anika in his team in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and his brothers save Anika’s life. They get her out of the coffin in time. She gains consciousness, after Shivay’s love touches her heart again. He feels sorry that he had to do all this. Anika tells him that she is fine, and its not his mistake, since Veer has left no option for him. Shivay reveals his plan to mislead Veer to secure Anika’s life. Anika tells them how Veer tried to kill her. She finds her acting of a villager very tough. Shivika, Omkara and Rudra get together to fail Veer. They stay united and secretive like always.

Shivay sends Veer for getting some info regarding the lady acting as Anika. He tells them that they have ample time to take Anika home. Anika reveals to Obros that she has followed Veer that day and learnt an Oberoi is helping Veer in his evil intentions. Shivay reveals that Anika called him and informed about Veer’s intentions. He tells them how he has fooled Veer by failing his drugged water move. He does the drama to take Veer into confidence.

Anika gets prepared to accomplish Shivay’s task. Shivay is glad that Veer has believed she isn’t real Anika. He asks Anika to join Veer and win his trust to know about the Oberoi helping him. Anika agrees to win Veer’s trust by her drama. She tells Shivay that very soon they will be knowing every secret hidden by Veer. Obros get together to trick Veer. They play a smart move. Veer gets overconfident. He doesn’t doubt on Shivay and Anika. Veer thinks if the lady is not Anika, she may really help him. He finds her stealing diamond earrings and gets sure she isn’t Anika.

Anika succeeds to get Veer on her side. Veer wants to expose her true colors. He gets angry that she proved him to be a liar. He finds her out of Oberoi mansion. Anika lays a trap for Veer. Veer decides to take her in his team and play against Shivay. Omkara sticks around Anika to secure her. He knows Veer would be following her. Shivay too makes sure that Anika is fine. Anika tells Shivay that Veer will believe her and fall in their dangerous plan. Veer shares his plans with Anika. He asks her to prove her loyalty by hurting Obros. What will Anika do? Keep reading.


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