Bhairavi to target Simar with her fatal plan in Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi plays her last big game against Bharadwaj family. She wants to kill the family. She places a bomb and threatens everyone. She tells Simar that its a gift for her. Simar finds the bomb in the gift. Bhairav makes Simar wear the bomber jacket. She admits her hatred in front of them. She tells Simar that she knew Sanjana and Simar will come back with a plan, and she made a backup plan already. She says Sanjana forgot to hide her engagement ring, which got her caught.

Bhairavi asks them to play the passing the ball game and hit the bomb with the ball. She tells them that once timer starts, Simar will die. She asks them to take a chance and celebrate sangeet. Pari apologizes to Simar. She begs Mata rani to spare Simar’s life. She gets emotional. Mata ji and Prem refuse to play the game. Bhairavi points gun at Piyush and compels the family. They get cautious while playing the game. The family wants to save Simar and themselves.


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