Gayatri to stake everything for Durga’s victory in Meri Durga


Aarti’s dad doesn’t want to let Durga and Sanjay go off easily. He keeps a watch on them. He finds them enjoying their success and happiness at the temple. Durga and Sanjay drink bhaang and dance. They wish nothing goes wrong in their lives. Gayatri awaits Sanjay and Durga home. Aarti’s dad meets them and shocks them by telling about their house auction. He ends their old friendship. He does a drama of apology to fool them. He tells them that it was never his mistake. He asks them to get ready to get on roads. He threatens to ruin them. He asks them to pack their bags and vacate the house before the officials reach them to seal the house. Gayatri gets worried by his move. She decides to hide the matter from Durga. She doesn’t want Durga’s happiness to get low.

Gayatri gets the auction notice. Neelkant feels Durga has risked their future and family. He blames Durga for calling problems in their lives. Gayatri doesn’t believe so. They start packing their bags. Gayatri doesn’t hear a word against Durga, who is an athlete. She respects athletes and sports.

She values Durga’s win at the national level. She wants the family to have humanity like Durga. She warns everyone against revealing anything to Durga. Sanjay and Durga come home. Gayatri hides the auction notice from them. She congratulates Durga for her victory. She welcomes Durga, feeling proud of her. Durga takes her blessings. Gayatri feels Durga has fulfilled her dreams as well. Durga makes Gayatri wear the gold medal, which she deserved before. Gayatri gets overwhelmed by Durga’s gesture. She thanks Durga for her generous deed. Yashpal also rejoices Durga’s victory. He calls Gayatri and asks her to send Durga home, as the villagers want to celebrate her win. Gayatri tells him that she has more right on Durga and wants to celebrate her victory first. She promises to send Durga the next day. Gayatri sends Durga and Sanjay, when the auction officials reach them.


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