Soumya to face Harak’s wrath in Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Harman slipped in coma. Soumya faces big troubles. She is doing everything to get Harman back to senses. She gets a new ray of hope when Harman responds to the medical treatment. She completes the puja. She asks the pandit why did Harman not get conscious even after she did the puja. Pandit tells her that its not his fault, now nothing can happen. She says I have done whatever you said. He gets angry. Harak and Preeto ask pandit to give some solution. Pandit asks them to just pray to Lord and goes. Harak gets angry on Soumya. He asks Soumya to leave from his house.

Soumya tries to defend. He asks her to just shut up and leave right away. Soumya prays for Harman’s life. She doesn’t know if the puja was really some prayer or blind belief, since she has completed the rituals with a true heart. She tells Mata rani that her devotion is true, she wants Harman back any how. She asks Mata rani to help her. She asks Harman to come back to them for the sake of her love. She tells him how everyone is blaming their love. Harak orders Soumya to leave. Harman moves his hand, which gets seen by Preeto. She stops Harak from throwing out Soumya from the house.


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