Avni to define a happy moment for Neil in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni realize their presence around. They have few hits and misses. Neil wonders if he had really heard Avni’s voice. KK gets attention of his fans. Neil gets a fun time while being with humorous KK. Neil and Avni come to the same cafe. Avni leaves Mogli there till she arranges food. Neil meets Mogli. He feeds the hungry boy. Neil gets to know about Nilanjana and asks him about her. Mogli tells him that Nilanjana stays busy most of the time as she has to look after many kids. Neil pays for the food. Avni learns about the man paying for kids’ food. She refuses to take anyone’s help and keeps her esteem.

Neil and Avni miss to see each other. She tries to return the favor and leaves a thank you note for Neil. Saisha decides to meet KK once, as he is in town. Sunehri doesn’t let her go. Saisha gets much upset that they have hurt her feelings. Avni gets a flier about a musical program. She decides to make Saisha participate so that she can win the cash prize and save the house. The lady returns the money to Neil.

Neil tells her that he genuinely wanted to help. He gets Avni’s note with a thanks written over it. He feels happy about it, being unaware that Avni has given it to him. Neil talks to his family and lies that he is happy and fine. Shweta worries for him. The family misses their old happy days. Avni gets hugely missed by them. Saisha refuses to perform in the musical festival. Avni asks her to sing and learn dance from Sunehri. She tells Saisha that they can get prize money if she wins. Everyone tries hard to convince Saisha, who refuses in final moment. Avni gets in need of money. She decides to please Saisha and send her for musical fest.


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