Yuvraaj to oppose Rantej’s misdeeds in Laado 2


Rantej has undergone a big operation and lost his manhood. Rantej realizes this shocking thing and shatters. He hides from the family. He prefers staying alone and makes Meera out of his room. Malhari finds him behaving crazy. The family doesn’t know what happened to Rantej and how. Malhari gifts many sarees and jewelry to Meera. She asks Meera to impress Rantej by dressing up well. She teaches Meera how to keep husband happy. She is troubled by Rantej’s strange behavior. Yuvraaj finds Meera hurt. He learns Meera was beaten up by Rantej. He tells Malhari that Meera needs her husband’s love, not tortures. He opposes Rantej. He gets angry on Rantej for hurting his wife. He tells Malhari that Meera needs love, not the gifts, since no gifts can please a woman’s heart if she receives hatred from her husband.

Malhari acts good in front of Yuvraaj. She tells him that even she is ashamed of Rantej’s deed, she is gifting Meera so that she can give her some happiness. She doesn’t want Rantej to beat Meera again. Meera finds Rantej silent and angry. She doesn’t know why he is so unhappy about himself.

Anushka sees Malhari’s doings. She takes a stand for women justice. Anushka raises a voice in favor of Meera. She tells Malhari to think about Komal, will she teach the same thing to her daughter, that husband’s tortures are also a blessing for wife. She opposes Malhari’s wrong teachings. She asks Malhari not to be biased towards her bahu. She scolds Malhari and asks her to open her eyes and think like a woman. Komal supports Anushka’s thinking. Yuvraaj too accepts Anushka’s perception, though he doesn’t know what Anushka has done with Rantej.


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