Aarohi attempts to break Tara’s family in Ishq Mein Marjawan


Doctor reveals a big news to Deep. The family learns Tara/Aarohi is pregnant. Aarohi has played this game and claims to be pregnant. Aarohi poisons Virat’s mind about the heir of the house. Virat gets angry on Deep. He asks Deep what game is he playing with Roma. He tells Deep that Tara is pregnant, while Deep has told the family that Tara can never conceive. He asks if both Deep and Tara are fooling them. He demands an answer. Deep asks for Tara. Virat asks Deep to answer his questions. Deep tells him that Tara can’t be pregnant, Tara can never have a child, don’t know why is Tara lying. He says even if Tara gets a child, Virat will be the heir, nothing will go to Tara’s child.

Deep calms Virat’s anger. Virat hugs him. Aarohi worries seeing them uniting again. She sees her plan flopping. She thinks to do something to break Deep and Virat again. Roma believes in Tara’s pregnancy. She says my daughter can’t lie to me, she can harm herself in anger. She worries when Aarohi leaves the house. Roma scolds Deep. She tells Deep that she will not leave him if anything happens to her would be grandchild. She asks Deep to go quickly and gets Tara back. Deep doesn’t get trapped in Aarohi’s lie. Aarohi plans to divide the family and rule.


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