Harman to lose his memory in Shakti

Shakti: A new beginning for Harman and Soumya

Soumya does tough rituals. Her feet bleeds. She stays sleepless for nights. She prays for Harman’s recovery. Chintu supports Soumya. She makes a thousand wicks for puja. Preeto also puts efforts to make her son recover. Harman comes back to senses when Harak drags Soumya out of the house. Soumya succeeds to prove her love. Harman refuses to know Soumya. The family worries for him. Preeto tells Harman that Soumya will cook his favorite food. Harak asks Harman to join him for drinks. They try to neutralize Harman. Soumya tries to talk to him. He doesn’t listen to her. She reminds his promises.

Soumya recalls the beautiful moments spent with Harman. Harman gets unwell when she asks him to recall the past. She calls the family members seeing Harman. Preeto comforts Harman. Harman makes Soumya away. He tells Preeto that he has no memories of Soumya. Soumya receives a big shock. She didn’t think this will happen.

Preeto gets happy that Harman identified Harak and her as his parents. Shanno will try to make Soumya out of the house. She doesn’t want Harman to recall Soumya. Shanno passes taunts on Soumya. Soumya stays close to Harman. On the other hand, Surbhi gets into an argument with Varun. She feels bad when Harman also supports Varun. Harman loses his memory. Preeto doesn’t know why Harman is thinking wrong. She wants to bring Harman’s memory back. Surbhi gives an idea to throw a party and repeat Harman’s love story in front of his eyes.


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