Rantej to vent out frustration on Malhari in Laado 2


Rantej gets tortured when he attends a party. He gets away from the beautiful girls. Malhari has thrown a party for Rantej to normalize him. She doesn’t know the reason behind Rantej’s sorrow. Rantej pushes away the girl and ruins the place. He tells Malhari that she is a mum, and she should just stay like a mum. He talks to her rudely. Malhari understands Rantej is undergoing a serious problem. She didn’t know Rantej will react like this. She holds Meera responsible for everything.

The girls give a sizzling performance. Malhari thought Rantej will forget his problems. Rantej scolds Malhari for attempting any such silly thing again. He doesn’t reveal his problem to anyone. He stays frustrated. He gets drunk. Malhari wants Rantej to come back to senses. Dushyant also felt the party will cheer up Rantej, but everything goes wrong. Malhari doesn’t want Anushka and Yuvraaj to unite. She focusses on them.

She asks Dushyant to stop Yuvraaj from falling in Anushka’s words. She wants the misunderstandings to stay. She expects Rantej to support her always. She wants her children to stay happy. She decides to find out the problem troubling Rantej.

Elsewhere, Yuvraaj fixes the fan. Anushka gets angry and makes him fall down. She asks him about the letter written to Rantej. Its Malhari’s plan. Anushka asks Yuvraaj did he plan to marry her only to torture her. Yuvraaj denies everything. Malhari creates a misunderstanding between them.


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