Colors to bring another merger episode for Holi


Tu Aashiqui, Udaan, Laado 2, Dil Se Dil Tak and Savitri Devi will be having a Mahasangam. The couples head to the temple and pray for their peace, prosperity and love. They all get to hear good tales about the divine couples. Suraj and Chakor take blessings from pandit. Teni and Parth also reach there and show their beliefs in the tale. Ranvijay learns what’s happening inside the temple. He doesn’t enter the temple. He sees Suraj and Chakor doing some rituals together and worshipping. He finds it a good chance to prove Suraj’s lie. He makes Suraj and Chakor’s video to send to Imli. Chakor talks to Anushka. She doesn’t see Ranvijay there. Ranvijay wants to expose Suraj and get him punished.

Its believed that if the couples do puja there, their prayers get fulfilled. The couples do Vasant Poornima puja. Ahaan and Pankti also come forward to do the puja. Veer wants his relations with Sanchi to get fine. He wants to have his belief in the temple tales. He wishes Sanchi forgives him.

Veer gets some time with her after a long time. Parth prays for Teni and his bonding. Teni wants her relation to get more stronger. She gets insecure with Shorvori. All the couples attend the puja together. They lift the idol cradle and take rounds. Suraj rejoices his moments with Chakor. He tells Chakor that they are too far from Aazaadgunj, and Ranvijay and Imli can never track them here. Will Sukor learn Ranvijay’s planning? Keep reading.


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