Neil to finally spot Avni in Naamkarann


The kids plan an attack on kidnapper again. Neil manages to leave from there. Avni misses to see Neil. KK panics and asks Neil to come with him. Neil asks KK if he is serious to call him just for replacing his bodyguards. Neil tells KK that he is his body double who would shoot in his place. He takes a day off. KK doesn’t let him take an off. He asks Neil to come along. He convinces Neil to become his bodyguard for a day. Neil agrees to him. Avni hides her tensions from Sunehri, who asks her to control her fears. Avni has always lost her family members. She doesn’t want to lose anything more. She fears to love everyone. She wants everyone to be with her. Sunehri finds her sacrifices too big. She feels the kids are lucky to get someone like Avni.

Avni finds herself lucky to get the kids, who defined her life and gave her a reason to love again. She wants to shape their lives. She doesn’t want them to suffer like her. She tells Sunehri that she is ready to live any life for the sake of kids. Sunehri praises her.

Saisha learns KK isn’t coming to judge the cultural event. She refuses to perform in the event. Avni asks Saisha not to lose focus by watching KK. She sends Saisha to prepare for her preparation. Saisha gets into an argument with her. Neil helps out KK by showing him a rehearsal of romantic scene. Neil thinks of Avni. KK likes Neil’s read out. He tells Neil that there is a romantic hidden in him. Avni tries convincing Saisha to win the competition. Saisha too wishes to help everyone by winning the event. Avni shows her belief in her. Saisha promises to give her best. Avni asks her to sing from heart.

Avni takes the kids to the cultural event. Neil accompanies KK to the event. The goons don’t want Saisha to win the prize money, since they want Avni’s house to get vacated. KK turns away from keeping his commitment. He tells Neil that they will leave from the competition. Neil scolds him for breaking his commitment and leaving.

Neil asks KK not to ditch the organizers. KK tells him about his big movie deal. He prefers to go for the movie. Neil threatens to quit the job. He pressurizes KK to stay back. Avni stays with the kids till they practice on stage. Neil finds his little friend Mogli in trouble. He rescues Mogli and other kids from the ceiling fan fallout. Neil saves himself from the accident too. Avni gets hurt at the same time. She turns away and misses to see Neil. Neil falls away and looks for the kids. He finally spots Avni there and considers it his imagination. Neil gets sure that whenever he risks his life, Avni will be around him to secure.



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