Soumya-Harman’s love tale gets a new start in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Preeto makes Soumya’s birthday celebrations plan. She does aarti and blesses Soumya. She doesn’t want Soumya to go from the house. Harman asks Soumya to leave. Preeto makes an excuse and stops her at home. She tells Harman that Soumya is his nurse and doctor asked her to stay for some more days. Soumya takes care of Harman as his nurse. Harman asks her what’s her age, since when is she working. He tells her he knows a woman’s age shouldn’t be asked. He has lost his memory. Raavi and Shanno are happy that he has forgotten Soumya. Raavi wants Harman to get fine. She loves Harman a lot and tells Preeto that she will help her in making Harman regain his memory.

Soumya tells Harman that till girls have someone to love them and keep them happy, their age isn’t known by their face, they stay young by their happiness, their smile and glowing beauty don’t let anyone guess their right age. He tells her that it means her husband doesn’t love her, its been a week now and he didn’t even call her, does any loving husband do such a thing.

She asks him what would he do for his wife. He says I would have never done this, I would have stayed with my wife always and expressed love to her by giving her a rose. Soumya gets emotional hearing him. He makes Soumya select his attire. Soumya asks him to change clothes. He asks her to go out as she isn’t his wife. He makes Soumya out of the room. Soumya gets happy when he hands over a saree to her. She is waiting for his memory to come back. Harman and Soumya’s love will win ultimately. Harman wishes Soumya on her birthday and gives her a rose. Soumya gets more hopeful when he calls her Gulabo.


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