High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers: Shakti, Yeh Un Dinon and more

Laado 2: Choudhary faṁily celebrates holi. Anushka does mischief. She gets naughty and plans to throw the colors on him. Yuvraaj leaves for work. Anushka stops him and throws the bucket of colored water over him. She tells him that this is their first Holi, if he goes out like this, anyone would ask him if his wife didn’t apply him colors. She asks him not to feel bad. Yuvraaj smiles feeling happy. He joins the family in Holi celebrations. He drinks Bhaang. He finds Anushka and chases her to color. He fails to throw colors at her. Anushka gets saved every time. She challenges Yuvraaj to apply holi to her.


During Kiran’s birthday celebrations, Satya and Susheel dance with the family members. Kiran asks for a balloon that’s tied too high. Satya helps Susheel in front of Leela. Susheel has to burst a balloon. She couldn’t reach the balloon. Everyone asks Satya to help her. Satya manages to find a solution. He lifts Susheel and helps her. They have a romantic moment. Susheel bursts the balloon to get the memory chip which has Leela’s truth. The family is happy for them. Leela falls down and acts like a mad cat.


Ripudaman gets killed. Porus gets a big shock seeing his dad taking his last breath. Ripudaman has raised Puru as a mum and dad. Porus talks to him in his final moment. He cries for his death. He removes each arrow pierced in his body. Lachi asks Porus not to call himself an orphan, as Anusuya is alive. Porus tells her that Ripudaman is his dad and mum, everything else is just a lie for him. He considers himself an orphan, who lost everything. She asks what about Anusuya. He says she is my mum and will go along with me. He vows to protect her.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya has become Bahurani. Kakimaa has given her much responsibilities. She explains the kitchen tasks to Diya. Diya understands the new responsibilities coming on her shoulder. Kakimaa asks her to start with little tasks, like cutting vegetables and frying papads, then she can do learn new things like cooking food. Ratan dons a woman’s disguise. Ratan comes there. He wants to meet Diya and apologize to her. The dupatta gets stuck in the door. He struggles to hide his face and run to Diya. Kakimaa doubts on Ratan and Diya’s relation. She recalls the lady’s warnings.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina sees Preeti meeting some guy in the village. She goes to the guy and talks to him. She tries to know about his feelings for Preeti. She fools him, by acting as Preeti. Preeti asks Naina what has she done. They have a cute conversation. Naina pulls Preeti’s leg. Naina wants to find a right life partner for Preeti.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi has become Tara for the family. She bribes the doctor and makes a fake pregnancy report. Doctor has told Deep that Tara can never conceive. Aarohi wants to prove this a lie. She tells the doctor that her married life is in risk, she needs the fake report to save her marriage. She pressurizes the doctor to help her. She blackmails him by showing his dirty video. Doctor gets worried and agrees to make the fake reports to save his secrets from leaking. She asks him to swear that he won’t reveal her truth to anyone. He apologizes to her.


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