Meri Durga: More troubles for Sanjay and Durga


Durga suggests Gayatri that they should not show up the jewelry. She protects Gayatri’s jewelry from the goons. They try to take a house on rent. Gayatri wants a house near the academy, so that they can support Durga well. Neelkant faces the humiliation. He doesn’t like the taunts of the agent. Gayatri chooses a house and pays the advance. Neelkant doesn’t like the small place. Even though, he adjusts for family’s sake. Gayatri gives the jewelry to Sanjay and Durga. She asks them to sell off the jewelry and arrange money. Durga feels bad to sell Gayatri’s ancestral jewelry. Yashpal has no idea about Durga and Sanjay’s problems. He praises Durga for making everyone proud.

Durga tells Sanjay that she can run on track, but can’t manage a house. Sanjay assures his help. The goons run away with the jewelry. Durga and Sanjay try to get the jewelry from them. Durga tries hard to save the jewelry. Sanjay falls in fatal risk.

Durga and Sanjay come back home and inform that they got robbed. This comes as a bad shocker for Gayatri and Neelkant. Gayatri asks them when did this happen. Sanjay reveals what happened and how they lost the money. Gayatri realizes Aarti’s dad has sent the goons to turn them more poor. She tells them that its all evil plotting of Aarti and her dad. She asks Durga not to feel guilty. Durga worries when they fail to give the deposit. The agent pressurizes them to leave from the house. Gayatri supports Durga.


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