Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre to get a huge dramatic leap


Devi’s truth gets known to Adhiraj. Maasa’s wicked planning is exposed by Devi. Adhiraj gets angry on Maasa. He confronts Maasa for spoiling his married life. Maasa faces a big failure when Devi reveals her truth to Adhiraj. Maasa loses in her evil. Devi’s goodness wins over evil again, even when Maasa and Urmi tried hard to make Devi away. Maasa has always fed hatred in Adhiraj’s mind. Maasa has done much against Devi. Adhiraj asks Maasa did she try to make him away from Devi or not. Maasa admits it. Adhiraj asks Maasa to leave from the haveli. He wants to do his duties as a husband. Maasa gets badly stuck. Devi has all the evidence to expose Maasa’s doings.

Adhiraj apologizes to Devi. He accepts her as his wife. He feels Devi is much loyal to him like ever and feels sorry to fall in Maasa’s words. He vows to protect Devi’s esteem and stand by her side all life. Devi and Adhiraj have a union. Adhiraj fills sindoor in Devi’s hairline. He confesses love to her. Devi gets happy that she could win his love back. Adhiraj tells Devi that from now she owns his life. Devi’s love wins her lover’s heart.

Maasa stops Adhiraj at gun point. He tells Maasa that he has done a lot for her, he has stayed illiterate for her sake, he has married an enemy’s daughter on her saying, can she shoot such an obedient son. He counts his favors on her. He tells her that he agreed to marry Kesar for her sake, why did she cheat him such a way. He demands an answer. Maasa reveals the harsh truth that she isn’t his real mum. Adhiraj gets heartbroken. He tells her that he regarded her Lord and she has back stabbed him. Maasa is ready to shoot him down. Devi saves Adhiraj’s life. Maasa can’t bear Adhiraj going against her. Devi and Adhiraj fall down the cliff. Kesar will be turning into a vamp and come in Maasa’s words. She will be dominating the house and make sure that Devi and Adhiraj don’t return home. There will be a big leap in the show.


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