Naren to get guilt-stricken yet again in Piyaa Albela


Rahul and Naina make a plan to hurt Pooja. They get engaged. Naren makes a plan with the pandit. He makes Pooja do the aarti along with him. Pooja doesn’t want Rahul and Naina to marry. She has learnt that Naina has killed Mayank. She doesn’t know Naina’s motive. She feels Naina is a threat to the family. She wants to stop the marriage. Naina wants to marry Rahul and kill him for his property. Rahul insults Chandrika and Pooja. Naren can’t tolerate Pooja’s insult. Rahul throws money at Pooja and asks her to dance in her Sangeet. He forces Chandrika and other women for dance. Chandrika wants Naren to distribute the ghungroos to the women. Naren knows Chandrika’s anger and agrees to her.

The dancers wear the ghungroos. Naren swears on his mum to win Pooja’s love. He realizes his mistake of hurting Pooja. He doesn’t want Pooja’s emotions to suffer. He slaps Rahul and gets angry on him. Rahul asks Naren why did he get angry now as he has also done the same thing in the past. He reminds Naren how he insulted Pooja and Chandrika publicly before.

Naren feels guilty. Naren vows to support Pooja. He is trying to get closer to Pooja, but the situation is making them away. Naren is also suffering emotionally. He can’t reveal to everyone that he knows Pooja and Chandrika’s truth. Pooja holds Naren responsible for all the drama. She leaves from the function with much anger and annoyance. Pooja takes a stand for Chandrika. Chandrika asks Harish how can they punish Pooja for her mistake. She can’t tolerate anyone to insult Pooja because of her. She doesn’t regret that she is a dancer. She wants to clarify her profession. She says I will not leave till I get justice for Pooja. Chandrika wants the family to get some senses. She gives a tough answer to Naren. She vents out anger on Naren and his family.


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