Anushka to confront Yuvraaj in Laado 2


Anushka and Yuvraaj have feelings for each other. Anushka cares for him. She tells him that his brothers killed Jhanvi, and if he is supporting them, he is also wrong. Yuvraaj tells her that she has made a wrong image in mind, Rantej is wrong, but he can’t do such a crime. He defends his brothers. He says I know you will never believe me, but I trust Rantej. He wants to prove his brothers innocent, while she wants to get them punished. He tells her that he supported her as he wanted culprits to get punished, but there was no proof against Rantej in the court.

She asks him about the letter sent by him. She doesn’t want to come in his words. She tells him that she has read the letter and now her doubt is certain. Yuvraaj tells her that he didn’t send any letter to Rantej. She asks him not to blindly believe his family. She tells him that she can’t prove anything to him till he blindly follows his family, it doesn’t matter what he thinks of her. Anushka gets upset with him.


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