Arpita to return in Ratan-Diya’s tale in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Diya tries to expose imposter

Diya falls in new problem. Yash and Mohena’s engagement goes on. Arpita comes in the ceremony and spoils the fun. Ratan asks her what is she doing here. Arpita asks him to ask his wife, who tried to kill Abhay. Ratan asks Diya when did this happen and why. Diya tells Ratan how Abhay was plotting to kill him. Ratan believes Diya and takes a stand for her. He calls the lawyer to secure Diya. Ratan asks Arpita to get any proof before accusing Diya for no fault of hers. Diya gives a solid answer to Arpita.

Ratan asks Diya why didn’t she tell him that she met Abhay. Arpita says something has happened between them, Diya has hit a glass bottle on his head. Diya denies the blames. She admits she has met Abhay and had an argument. Ratan can’t tolerate anyone hurting his wife. He asks Arpita not to defame Diya, as she is his wife now. He shows his belief in Diya and her loyalty. He tells Arpita that he won’t even believe Lord by going against Diya. Arpita tries to stop the engagement. She reveals that Mohena is her daughter. The family gets a big shock. The engagement breaks. Arpita wants to send Diya to jail.

Diya gets heartbroken. Ratan becomes an emotional support for her. He can’t see tears in her eyes. He tells Diya that its time that they get separated, but he will miss her a lot. Diya realizes they will be separated forever this time. Diya sheds tears. He understands her feelings. He asks her if she isn’t happy with their decision. She makes an excuse to hide her pain. Ratan gifts a token of friendship to Diya. Diya dreams of Ratan, who asks her not to leave from the house. Ratan takes the sindoor box in hand, which drops over Diya. Diya takes it as a hint and thinks of not breaking their relation. Kakimaa asks Diya to save her marriage.


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