Avni and Neil’s wishful meet in Naamkarann


Saisha fools Avni by lying about Mogli’s critical state. Avni rushes to the party venue to check on Mogli. Neil learns about some kid seeking attention by faking illness. Avni reaches Mogli and realizes the lie told by Saisha. She scolds Saisha for lying to her. Saisha confronts Avni for her lies, which hurts them too. Saisha wants Avni to celebrate with them. Neil gets Mitali’s call and goes out to attend. KK compliments Avni for her beautiful voice and shows his humble side. He asks her to sing a song and encourages her. Saisha gets smitten by KK.

Avni goes for singing on stage. KK clicks a selfie with Saisha. He feels proud of the orphanage kids, who lost in the event by speaking the truth. DD and Mitali also reach the party venue. Avni sings the same song as Neil has been waiting. KK makes her sing so that Neil’s request to meet her gets fulfilled. Neil admires the beautiful singer. Avni conceals her identity before she sings. Avni’s song still reaches Neil’s heart. Neil gets restless hearing her and gets a strong willingness to meet her.

Avni doesn’t want media or anyone else to spot her. Avni decides to leave from the party before anyone sees her. Avni shockingly spots Neil there. She gets away from him. Neil searches for her. Neil gets the same strange feeling of knowing the unknown singer. Saisha and KK have a dance in the party. Saisha gets bowled over by his charm. She wishes her dream never breaks. Neil chases the singer and imagines Avni with him. Avni wishes to meet Neil. She gets carried away by his presence. She gains strength to stick to her decision to be out of his life. Neil gets drunk unknowingly.

Avni shares her happiness with Sunehri. She tells Sunehri that Neil is close to her, but his eyes are sunken with sorrow. She feels guilty for Neil’s state. She decides to avoid Neil. Neil reaches Avni in time and stops her. He concludes their divine meet to be a visualization of his feelings. The moment turns real for Avni, but Neil loses out Avni once again because of his intoxicated state.


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