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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Iyers receive a big shock knowing Parmeet is the financier to whom Bala has mortgaged the house. Mr. Iyer reveals that he has given the property papers to Bala as he wanted to help him in tough times. Iyers face a tough time. Parmeet decides to stay with Iyers. He has no interest in their arguments. Ishita gets angry on Parmeet. Bala asks Parmeet to give them some time. He begs Parmeet to not trouble his family. Parmeet refuses to leave as he has to stay around Bhallas. Ishita asks Raman and Simmi to stop Parmeet from troubling her parents. Simmi doesn’t help and sticks to her drama. Raman assures help to Ishita.


    Saisha fools Avni by lying about Mogli’s critical state. Avni rushes to the party venue to check on Mogli. Neil learns about some kid seeking attention by faking illness. Avni reaches Mogli and realizes the lie told by Saisha. She scolds Saisha for lying to her. Saisha confronts Avni for her lies, which hurts them too. Saisha wants Avni to celebrate with them. Neil gets Mitali’s call and goes out to attend. KK compliments Avni for her beautiful voice and shows his humble side. He asks her to sing a song and encourages her. Saisha gets smitten by KK.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    The goons hide their plan of kidnapping the kids at night. They try to take advantage of the darkness. The kids decide to wish Kaira on their wedding anniversary. Kartik and Naira meet the ashram kids and spend time with them. The kids plan a surprise for them. Aryan meets a girl, who shows much interest in him. Aryan falls for her. He gets the attention he always craved for. He happily dances when the girl signs him that she likes him. Pungi and kids cheer up Kaira. The family too wishes happy wedding anniversary to Kaira. Kaira revive their golden moments and memories on the special day.


    Roop tries to make Tia numb so that the secret of Kalyani mills doesn’t get leaked. Shivay stays away from Tia. Roop and Veer think they have won in their planning. They get a shock when they learn that Shivay has shifted Tia to a safe place. Shivay tells them that Tia has come to tell him something important and he doesn’t want to risk her life. He asks them to trust him, he is just protecting Tia from their enemies. Roop tries to know Tia’s location. Shivay refuses to reveal any details.


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