Pooja to rescue Surbhi’s life in Piyaa Albela


Pooja saves Surbhi from the goons. She turns into a bold fighter and protects Surbhi’s life and respect. The goons catch Pooja to kill her. Pooja doesn’t lose strength and fights back. Pooja asks Surbhi to fight back as well. Pooja is surprised to know about Naina’s secret. She didn’t know Naina had kidnapped Surbhi till now. Surbhi is pregnant with Rahul’s child. Naina doesn’t let Rahul know this. Pooja wants to take Surbhi home and expose Naina. Pooja asks Surbhi is she fine and takes her home. Surbhi turns grateful to her. Pooja will be stopping Rahul and Naina’s marriage.

Naren catches hold of the attacker. He unmasks the attacker and gets a huge shock on seeing Anuj. Anuj wants to kill Naren. Naren asks Anuj not to make such a mistake. He leaves Anuj with a warning. He has to rush to Naina and Rahul’s marriage.

He learns Pooja is missing. He wants to find Pooja at the earliest. He tells Anuj that Pooja’s life may be in danger. Anuj doesn’t let him go. Naren and Anuj have a fight. Anuj spills out his hatred for Naren. Naren knows Anuj’s anger is justified. Naren will soon know the entire truth about Chandrika. Naren rushes home when he knows Supriya is hurt. He thinks of Pooja, whom he left at the police station in the hour of need. Supriya tells Naren that whenever he gets away from her, she falls in risk. Naina plays a trick and spikes Rahul’s drink to get his signatures on the property papers.


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