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Shakti: Shanno and Harak meet Kareena. Harak is ready to pay any amount to end his problem. He asks Kareena to do his work and he will pay her even more. He asks Kareena to kill Soumya and not make any excuse again. He says better kill Raveena and put blame on Soumya. Preeto assures Soumya that she will explain Harman. Soumya sees Harman insulting some kinners. Soumya can’t believe it and feels depressed.

Laado 2:

Anushka and Yuvraaj have feelings for each other. Anushka cares for him. She tells him that his brothers killed Jhanvi, and if he is supporting them, he is also wrong. Yuvraaj tells her that she has made a wrong image in mind, Rantej is wrong, but he can’t do such a crime. He defends his brothers. He says I know you will never believe me, but I trust Rantej. He wants to prove his brothers innocent, while she wants to get them punished. He tells her that he supported her as he wanted culprits to get punished, but there was no proof against Rantej in the court.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Kaki tells the family that Parth, Teni and Shorvori’s relation has insulted them. She creates a scene when the family name gets stained by the trio’s strange relation. She asks Dada ji to read the article. Dada ji feels humiliated by the bad language used for his family. The Bhanushali family loses its dignity. They read about Parth staying with his wife and mistress at home. Teni gets too upset hearing the shameful things against her. Parth tells Teni that he doesn’t care about society’s thinking, as they have decided to stay together.


Some kidnappers land in the ashram to kidnap the little kids. Kartik and Naira have an argument. They fall asleep when the kidnappers execute their plan. They then realize the crime. Kartik and Naira fall in a big problem. Kartik runs after the kidnappers to save the kids. Kartik gets caught by them. Naira looks for Kartik. Naira finds Kartik inside the ice freezer. She rescues him. She sheds tears and gets too emotional. Kartik gets back to breath. Naira thanks him for coming back. Kartik tells her that he doesn’t remember anything.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:

Ilaychi and Pancham have a romantic talk. He praises her singing. He teaches her music and asks her to bring feelings in her words. She hypnotizes him, and tells him that she is his wife. She dons a typical wife’s avatar and teases him. Murari comes there and stops Pancham from flirting with his daughter. Pancham tells him about the play rehearsals. Murari doesn’t believe it.


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