A new beginning for Meera in Laado 2


Anushka plans to separate Rantej and Meera to secure the latter. Malhari plays an emotional drama in front of Yuvraaj. Meera realizes whatever happened was much wrong. She was tortured by Rantej. She knows Rantej doesn’t love her and she was just captive in the house. She takes a stand for herself. Anushka wants Meera to tell her decision to Yuvraaj, so that he supports her. Meera signs the divorce papers and hands over to Rantej. Yuvraaj supports Meera’s decision. Rantej asks Yuvraaj not to get between him and Meera. Anushka also ensures Meera that Rantej and Malhari can’t force her again.

Meera always thought Rantej and family loved her, but now all her blind beliefs get clear. Anushka sends Meera away from the house peacefully. She gets justice for Jhanvi by breaking Rantej’s pride. When Meera takes divorce, Rantej gets another jolt. Anushka wishes Meera stays safe and gets someone true in her life.

Yuvraaj stops Rantej from hurting Meera. Malhari asks Yuvraaj to do something and save her breaking house. Yuvraaj tells her that he can’t go against Meera’s consent. Malhari’s drama fails. Anushka teaches a lesson to Rantej and Malhari once again. Anushka wins again. Anushka is following Amma ji’s principles and settling scores her way. Malhari doubts on Rantej when she loses one of her sons. Rantej doesn’t answer her about Ranvir.

He says I also regret to lose my brother. Yuvraaj asks Rantej to answer them. He promises to get Ranvir back. Anushka sets Meera’s new house. She gets snacks for Meera. She tries to fill the family’s place for Meera. Meera tells Anushka that she knows everything, she has put efforts and set everything. Anushka doesn’t know who has helped Meera without their knowledge. Dr. Vishal helps Meera silently. Vishal and Meera’s love story will begin.


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