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    YRKKH: Kartik tries to save the kids from Maharaj’s men. Kartik gets kidnapped too. Kartik promises the kids that he will save them. Biju asks him not to make false promises. Kartik fights back to save the kids. Naira doesn’t know the reason behind Kartik’s leaving. He falls in big trouble when the men beat him up and bury him in the ice. Naira runs after Kartik to look for him. She misses to find him. The family worries for Kartik and Naira. They wonder why Kartik left. Naira gets late to reach Kartik and rescue him. Kartik gets close to death once again.


    Shwetlana informs Veer that she has taken Tia from Oberoi mansion. She feels happy to win. She asks Tia how can she help Shivay when she has to be with them, against the Oberois. She finds the mannequin instead Tia. She fails in her motives. She then calls Veer and tells him that Shivay defeated them again. Veer gets enraged that fake Anika has failed to win Shivay’s trust. They find Shivay too smart. Shwetlana asks him to stop Tia from revealing their plans to Shivay. Veer assures her that Tia won’t be able to say anything to Oberois. Tia gains consciousness and tells Oberois that she had come home to discuss some matter with Shivay.

    Meri Durga:
    Tanvi and Lakshmi join hands to defeat Durga. Durga still crosses all odds and wins the big chance to run in lane 4. Durga wins the race. Tanvi’s conspiracy falls. Bhagat learns about Tanvi and Lakshmi’s evil plotting and gets upset with them. They face Bhagat’s wrath. Bhagat supports Durga. Durga makes a place for herself in the academy. She stays the best like always. She finds Bhagat’s behavior getting better towards her. Bhagat gets supportive of her. Durga questions him over his good behavior and wants to know what changed his perception.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita suspects Simmi to be involved in Parmeet’s conspiracy. The family worries when Simmi goes missing. Raman calms them and informs that Simmi has gone to a temple. Shagun spots Simmi and informs Ishita about her. Simmi meets Parmeet secretly and tells him that she has liked his plan to live in with Iyers. He tells her that he wanted to stay close to her. Simmi and Parmeet express their love for each other. They spend some time together. Ishita tracks them down and warns them against plotting against the family. Ishita confronts Simmi for lying to the family and meeting Parmeet. She asks Simmi how can she stoop more low. She wants to tell Raman about Simmi and Parmeet’s planning.


    Neil meets Avni and considers it to be a hallucination, since he is drunk. He expresses his feelings to Avni. He tells her that he missed her a lot and wants her around every day. Neil hugs her and shares his feelings. Avni weeps on hearing him. She feels sad to ruin his life. She loves him a lot and got away to secure him. He tells her that she takes his life away whenever she disappears. He requests her to stay with him forever. She understands Neil is mistaken of imagining her. Neil asks Avni not to snatch this feeling of visualizing her. He tells her that he is surviving and finding happiness just by the feeling that she is around. He confesses love to her.


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