Neil to profess his feelings for Avni in Naamkarann


Neil meets Avni and considers it to be a hallucination, since he is drunk. He expresses his feelings to Avni. He tells her that he missed her a lot and wants her around every day. Neil hugs her and shares his feelings. Avni weeps on hearing him. She feels sad to ruin his life. She loves him a lot and got away to secure him. He tells her that she takes his life away whenever she disappears. He requests her to stay with him forever. She understands Neil is mistaken of imagining her. Neil asks Avni not to snatch this feeling of visualizing her. He tells her that he is surviving and finding happiness just by the feeling that she is around. He confesses love to her.

Neil asks her never to shatter his dreams again. He tells her that he has risked his life again and again just with a wish to see her with him. Avni realizes how her big decision changed Neil’s life. He asks her not to get away and listen to him.

Neil wonders how Avni came in front of him when he didn’t risk his life. Neil and Avni spend some cute moments. Avni recollects her decision to get away from Neil so that she can save his life from their enemies. Avni gets distanced from him again. Saisha prepares to ask KK for coffee. KK meets her and asks her out for a movie. Samrat doesn’t let Saisha go with KK. He doesn’t think Saisha should go on a date. Saisha reminds that she is going to be 18 soon. She wants to take her own decisions. Saisha has a crush on KK.

Avni doesn’t leave Neil in drunken state. She asks him who is accompanying him. Neil tells her that he is all alone, there is no one in his life and he just longs for her. Avni cries for Neil. Neil’s cute talks melts her heart. He asks her to stay back with him. She decides to take him home when he tells her that he has no place to stay. Avni realizes Neil is the person who helped Mogli and bought food for the kids. She gets him to her home. Neil doesn’t want her to go anywhere. Avni and Neil stay away from the world and spend some peaceful time.


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