Surbhi to return in Rahul’s life in Piyaa Albela


Rahul and Naina’s marriage gets a twist, when Naina’s dupatta catches fire. The marriage gets a halt. Naren gets Pooja’s call. She informs him that she is in danger. Naren runs to save Pooja. The goons torture Pooja and Surbhi. Naren makes a heroic entry. He finds Pooja and Surbhi in trouble. Pooja was rescuing Surbhi and fell weak. She falls in trouble when the goons attack her. Naren saves them from the goons. He fights with the goons. Anuj spots Naren saving Pooja from the goons and fighting for her. Anuj gets a change of heart. He feels bad that he has misunderstood Naren.

Pooja asks Anuj how did he come there suddenly. Naren doesn’t tell Pooja that Anuj has attacked on him. He lies to her that he called Anuj to help him in saving them. Pooja tells Naren that they have to reach home soon.

Naren learns about Surbhi, who is pregnant. Pooja tells him that Surbhi was captive by Naina. Pooja and Naren try to reach home and stop the marriage. Naren and Anuj take Pooja and Surbhi home. Naina and Rahul take the wedding rounds. Naina conspires to kill him. Naren stops the marriage and breaks the ghatbandhan. Naina gets a big shock on seeing Surbhi back. Pooja reveals Naina’s crimes to the family. Rahul cares for Surbhi and leaves from the mandap. Naina gets humiliated. What will Naina do next? Keep reading.


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