Tu Aashiqui: Pankti’s career gets a boost by Rising Star


Pankti and Ahaan reach the Rising Star audition venue. Ahaan introduces Pankti’s budding talent. He wants her voice to reach million of hearts. Pankti and everyone else get a shock when they learn that JD is one of the jury members. JD gets welcomed by the panel. JD tries to demoralize Pankti. Ahaan asks Pankti not to think of JD and just focus on her singing. Pankti sings to win the audience’s heart. The live voting goes in her favor. Manav, Aparna and Kaira watch Pankti singing on the show and vote for her. Vikram and Richa blame Pankti for Sheetal’s state. They get against Pankti. Pankti gets selected in the auditions. JD loses to cover her talents. Ahaan makes fun of JD and tells him that Pankti’s success flight can’t be stopped now.

Pankti receives a surprise from Anita, who invites the media home. Pankti gets much media and fan attention. Pankti celebrates her success with them. Anita pampers Pankti and Poorva. Pankti gives an interview, which angers JD. JD and Vikram have a tiff.

JD slaps Vikram to vent out his frustration. He turns more revengeful against Pankti. The nurse informs Aparna that Sheetal’s recovery got more slow. Aparna doubts that JD is giving wrong medication to Sheetal. Manav doesn’t agree with her and stops her from telling this to anyone else. Monty gets a good news for Pankti. He informs about a music company offer for Pankti. Pankti gets ready to begin her career.


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