Simmi to turn down Ishita’s request in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya informs Ishita about Raman’s tensed state. Ishita realizes Simmi’s plan is troubling Raman. She doesn’t reveal anything to Aaliya. Simmi blackmails Ishita. She doesn’t tell her planning. Ishita asks Simmi to spare Raman’s life, but Simmi turns down her request. She wants to make Raman mad and send him to the asylum. She tells Ishita that Raman will lose his mental balance and he will beg them to stay away. Parmeet continues to trouble Iyers. He gets chicken home. He provokes Shravan to have the burger along. Shravan gets tempted to eat the burger. Iyers fear for Shravan. Shravan then shocks Parmeet by dumping the non-veg burger. Iyers take a stand against Parmeet. Iyers feel proud of Shravan for sticking to their ethics.

Raman meets a lady, sent by Simmi. She blackmails him by lying to him that he has impregnated her. Raman doesn’t fall in her nonsense. He refuses to believe her. She tells him that she has proof of their relation and she can expose him in front of his family.

Raman doesn’t remember anything and falls in her sobbing story. She fools him cleverly. He gets worried. She asks him to murder her husband if he wants their relation to be under wraps. She asks him to help her out, else her husband will kill her. She hands him a gun and asks him to shoot her husband. She threatens Raman about the child. Raman doesn’t see any solution. He refuses to commit a crime. She asks him to kill her husband at any cost. She threatens to ruin his life.

Ishita gets angry on Simmi. She wants to fail Simmi’s plans. Simmi doesn’t divert from her evil plannings. She is sure that Ishita can’t help Raman this time. Ishita seeks help from Romi and Mihika. She tells them about Simmi’s plotting to trap Raman.

They start searching for Raman. Raman turns panicking and meets with an accident. Adi finds him on the streets and takes care of him. He reveals to Raman that he is his son. Raman doesn’t remember his relation with Adi. Raman hides the gun from the family. Raman thinks how he doesn’t remember his wife and children. He starts believing that the lady was saying true about them, as he doesn’t recollect anything. Adi gets glad to have Raman with him as his father. Raman apologizes to Adi. Adi asks Raman not to say sorry as its not his mistake. Raman and Adi bond like before.


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