Aryan becomes a key of Veer’s next plan in Ishqbaaz


Veer has sent the little kid so that ShivOmRu’s life partners confront them. O’bahus do the unexpected and keep their belief in their spouses. They decide to find out who has sent the kid. They realize someone is intentionally spoiling their husband’s name. Veer tells Soumya that the kid will help them in their big motive. She doesn’t understand what’s Veer planning. He tells her that she isn’t so smart to know his plans. He dreams that O’bahus will leave their life partners and also Oberoi mansion when Aryan names one of Obros as his dad. Veer wants Obro’s marriages to break, so that they turn vulnerable with their better-halves. He is sure that Bhavya will not marry Rudra after suspecting him. Soumya dreams to wed Rudra. Veer is sure that O’bahus will leave the house. They stay at peace, which shocks Veer.

Shivay tells his brothers that Tia feels safe with them and wants to stay back. He wants Anika to stay clear about Tia till the latter stays with them. Shivay wants Tia to give them the information about Soumya.

O’bahus Anika, Gauri and Soumya, hide Aryan from them. They keep Aryan with them all the time. They don’t let the family know the new problem. Anika shouts on Shivay for cheating her like a disloyal husband. She doesn’t want Shivay to stay with Tia. Shivay tells her that Tia will live in guest room. He asks Anika to stop overreacting. Even Gauri and Rudra argue with Omkara and Rudra. They put up an act to fool Veer. Obros don’t understand why their partners are reacting such.

Veer and Soumya realize O’bahus trust their husbands and didn’t reveal about Aryan. Veer wants to surface Aryan in front of the family. Veer wants to execute his plan. O’bahus find Aryan missing. They search for him everywhere. Anika argues with Shivay till they hide Aryan. Veer still believes Anika is an imposter and just pretending good.

Veer’s plan fails again when Aryan doesn’t come in front of Obros. Shivay doesn’t understand Anika. He asks Anika what is she hiding from him. He throws away her irritating braid. He demands an answer from her. He tells her that he knows her too well and can read her eyes. Anika doesn’t tell him. Shivay asks her not to try hard, as he will find out the matter himself. Shivay tries to gather information about Soumya and her intentions to trouble them. Tej reveals that Soumya is in love with Rudra, and wants to marry him. Rudra falls in a love mess. Soumya wants Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage to break. Veer assures her that Aryan will be the key to their problems. Shivay comes across Aryan and questions Anika about him. O’bahus get speechless to reveal Aryan’s claim to their partners.


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