Colors’ Holi Special to bring huge twists in Udaan


Harman and entire family celebrates Holi. Harman stays away from Soumya. They get helping Chakor and Suraj. They don’t know the mystery completely. Suraj and Chakor get troubled by the ongoing things. Suraj gets to see Ishwar and can’t believe his eyes. Ishwar meets Suraj to guide him ahead. Suraj tells Chakor that he has just seen Ishwar. Ranvijay tries to bring the truth out that Suraj has recovered his memory. Chakor sees Ishwar and gets shocked thinking how did he come back. The holi will bring big twists in Chakor and Suraj’s lives. Imli and Ranvijay bring Vivaan and Bhaiya ji back, shockingly.

All the cast of Colors’ show will be seen celebrating Holi in Aazaadgunj on Ranvijay and Imli’s invitation. Bepannah’s character Zoya and Aditya will also be seen joining the cast. Their cute banters surprise all. They clear that they are not a couple. Pankti, Chakor, Aarohi, Shorvori and Teni also perform in the Jashan. Ranvijay’s planning to expose Suraj goes on.

Suraj hugs Bhaiya ji happily and calls him dad. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that he knows that his dad left him, he doesn’t remember anything of the past, but Imli had told him everything how Chakor killed him. He says I wanted to kill Chakor to take revenge of your death, but Imli has stopped me till she wins the elections. Suraj smartly makes a story. Chakor saves Suraj from falling in Ranvijay’s planning. Suraj doesn’t reveal anything that he has regained his memory. He denies to know anything about his past. Ranvijay fails to prove anything to Imli. Pankti and Shorvori also help out Chakor in her attempt to secure Suraj.


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