Gangaur twist: Falguni to earn Gayatri’s rights in Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

IT officials barge into Rawat house and asks for Uttara. Mangla acts as Uttara. They tell her that they have a warrant against her and will arrest her. Mangla then tells them that she isn’t Uttara. IT officials then tell Jayant and family that Uttara doesn’t pay tax on time. Jayant says we always pay tax, how did this happen all of a sudden, we never got any notice. He asks officials to wait for Uttara. The officials says we didn’t come here to pass time, everyone keep image clean, but hide the stains from public, we have to arrest Uttara and take her along with us for interrogation.

Falguni wants Gayatri to do puja with Jayant in Gangaur. She has called the IT officials to send away Uttara for few hours. Falguni acts ignorant of the matter. Uttara hides in her room. Falguni takes Gayatri for the puja. Jayant and Gayatri do the Gangaur puja together. Falguni does a drama to save Uttara from interrogation. She doesn’t want anyone to doubt on her. Mangla and Shom worry for Uttara. Mangla says the officials are sitting here, how long can Uttara hide in her room. Falguni is happy to teach a lesson to Uttara. She tries bringing Jayant and Gayatri together.


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