Naamkarann: Neil to stay in Avni’s Sukoon house


Destiny brings Neil and Avni together. Neil decides to do KK’s movie shooting in orphanage. He convinces KK for the beautiful homely environment of Sukoon house. He feels Avni’s presence there and wants to know his connection with the place. Neil sends KK’s production manager to Sukoon house. The manager tells Avni that KK has sent him to check the place for a shoot. He gives the cheque to Avni. He tells Avni that she can get payments as long as the shoot goes on. He asks her to accept the offer. He tells her that KK will settle the expenses once shooting is over, since KK and his bodyguard Neil will also stay here.

Avni doesn’t want Neil to stay with them. She refuses to the offer. Saisha gets upset with Avni’s refusal. She asks Avni what’s the problem, they are deficient of money. Avni couldn’t explain the reason to the kids. She asks Sunehri to manage the kids. Avni gets troubled as she really needs the money to save Sukoon house from the goons.

She gets thinking on the offer. Avni asks Saisha to let her take care of the matter. She asks the manager to leave. The kids get insisting her to accept the offer. Avni unwillingly agrees and keeps conditions for Neil. Neil and KK get the news that Nilanjana has accepted their offer. Neil gets happy and comes to meet Avni to thank her for allowing the shooting. Mogli asks Neil not to go in as Avni doesn’t want to meet him. Mogli tells him more about Nilanjana. Neil gets interested to meet Avni.


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